Santa Maria del Mare

Prozession_Santa_Maria_del_Mare_smallEvery first Sunday in August at about 10am tourists and Bosans meet at the banks of river Temo. From Ponte Vecchio, the palm tree promenade or the side of the Conce visitors admire the colourful boats that come in from Bosa Marina. They bring the statue of the Madonna called Santa Maria del Mare to the cathedral of Bosa to celebrate the mass. Whoever owns a boat, small or big, can join the procession. People on the riverside applaude and kids scream of joy when they unload the Madonna. The atmosphere is full of good energies and happiness.


After transporting the statue from Bosa Marina along the river to Ponte Vecchio a procession brings the Madonna to the cathedral Cattedrale Maria Immacolata. Here you can join the mass.

Santa_Maria_del_MareIn the early evening hours the procession brings the statue back to their place in the small chapel in Bosa Marina. Again the procession on the river attracts young and old. This time even more boats follow the retinue. With a marching band on one of the bigger boats and lots of noise the Madonna arrives at Bosa Marina. The storical center of Bosa is now almost empty as everyone joins the festival at Bosa Marina. Here you can join the evening mass in the chapel at about 8pm. Afterwards everyone goes celebrating at the beach promenade where carousels and sales boothes have been built up days before. At about 11pm the fireworks from the Torre Aragonese start.

The spectacle lasts about 40 minutes and sparkles the half moon beach of Bosa with all colours of the rainbow. Take a seat at the beach and it will seem as if you’re right in the middle of it. If you still need entertainment just go to one of the beach bars for a drink. Here the Bosans finish the festival.

Our tip: Leave your car at your holiday home! Bosa Marina will be closed for vehicles and even if they let you pass all parking slots are already occupied. Take a walk to Bosa Marina or use the Trenino!

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