Bosa Carnival

Bosa_Fasching_2013_smallBosa carnival season starts with the festivities for San Antonio and the San Antonio Fire beneath the old bridge Ponte Vecchio during the second week of January. You have to walk around the fire three times left and right so it ‘cures’ all stomach related sickness.

But the real fun starts with the Bosa carnival parades. Young and old dress in typical Sardinian folklore dresses. The parade follows the Corso Vittorio Emmanuele reaching Piazza Monumento while.


During the second week of February the traditional Carnevale di Bosa is held. All carnival societies join with their fantastic costumes. Also kindergardens and some school classes follow the parade through the storical town center of Bosa.

Bosa_Fasching_smallWith all the festivities and carousels on the main square of Bosa it is a must that everyone brings his home made wine to give a taste to friends and strangers. The Bosan people are in party mood. The following days and all streets and allies are filled with their laughter and singing. Everyone is meeting at the so called ‘Cantinas’ in Sa Costa to celebrate until the early morning. After the big parade follow the traditional masks, Mammutones. Dressed in cowhide and bull’s horns on their heads the men scare the winter out of all corners of the city. Walking around yelling and making noise with huge cow bells it sometimes seems really frightening.

But still this is all part of the carnival activities and supposed the drive away bad spirits.- Quite spectacular!

If you can’t make it for February you can always come in August. Bosa revives the Bosa carnival as a summer spectacle – Carnevale estivo.

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