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BOSAinfo is an online tourist information for Bosa. We offer a wide range of information, tips and assistance for your stay in Bosa. In addition to our online information about Bosa we also are available with our services directly in Bosa. If you need information about an airport shuttle, a taxi service or bike rental – we are happy to help make your stay perfect.

BOSAinfo tourist information – everything you need to know about Bosa the beautiful town on the west coast of Sardinia. Discover Castello Malaspina, the storical center of Bosa Sa Costa and much more! Celebrate the traditional festivities. Check out the all the Events in Bosa. And find your private sandy beach with our Beach Guide! Read our tips about Bosa and make the best out of your visit!

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Protests of gasoline stations and strike from 21.08. to 23.08. 2019 in Sardinia

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