Opening hours and Italian holidays

Opening hours

If you don’t want to find closed doors after taking all the steps up to Castello Malaspina, take a look at the opening hours here first. Also important: During lunch time 1pm – 4pm almost all shops and bars are closed. Big supermarkets remain open during the summer but usually everything goes in standby mode and takes a break from the heat.

Opening hours “Castello Seravalle” / “Malaspina”

April/ May/ June Mon-Sun  10:00- 19:00
July Mon-Sun  10:00- 19:30
August Mon-Sun  10:00- 19:30
September Mon-Sun  10:00- 18:00
October  Mon-Sun  10:00- 17:00
November Mon-Fri  10:00- 13:00, Sat/Sun 10:00- 16:00
Dec., Jan., Feb., Sat/Sun and Holidays      10:00- 16:00

Source: Website Castello Malaspina

Italian Holidays

On Italian holidays shops and supermarkets will be closed. But some bars or restaurants remain open, so there is always a chance to get good food. Also important to mention: during carnival season there are some days where the city is in party mode. The mainstreets in the storical center are closed off for the day. So it might be difficult to drive around.

National Italian holidays

1. January New Year
6. January Epiphany
Easter Monday Eastern (without Good Friday)
25. April Festa della Liberazione (Liberation of fascist occupation 25. 4. 1945)
1. May Festa dei lavoratori (Labour Day)
2. June Festa della repubblica italiana
15. August Ferragosto –  This ist a famous Italian holiday period. During the following 2 weeks Bosa is crowded with tourists from continental Italy.
1. November Festa di tutti i santi (All Saint’s Day)
25./26. December Christmas


Please remind: All information and dates are subject to change. Some events are announced only shortly before taking place. Therefore please check our website for information. If you need help regarding bus time tables and Italian holidays feel free to contact us.

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