Is Arenas beach – Surfer’s paradise

You can find Is Arenas beach if you follow the road to Oristano along the sea side. Pass Cuglieri, Santa Caterina di Pittinuri and Torre del Pozzo.

Is Arenas is an open flat sandy beach ideal for surfing. There are various ways to get to the shore. Once you pass the city of Torre del Pozzo just enter one of the many camping site parking areas. From there you will find signs pointing to the beach.

Photo Gallery Is Arenas

Is Arenas beach is the perfect beach for a daytrip exploring the coast from Bosa to Oristano and enjoying the beauty of Sardinian beaches. If you come in the winter time around beginning  of December you can pick myrto berries along the road side. The typical Sardinian berry is used for marmelade, liqueur and sweet pastery.

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